Although all the guidebooks mention Privlaka as a small place only twenty kilometers from Zadar, the main center of the larger part of central Dalmatia, it is a place that had a major role in the history of Zadar. It was precisely the people of Privlaka that were responsible for the reconstruction of Zadar after the Second World War. More specifically, the diligent sandblasters from Privlaka, manually extracting sand from the sea, patched the holes in the walls of Zadar.

This wonderful town is a little bit of everything. It has an extraordinary past, dating back to the beginning of the thirteenth century, and its importance is witnessed by numerous archaeological finds and sacral objects. The Church of St. Vitus is indispensable, the patron saint of pharmacists, brewers, actors and the deaf. You must also take a peek inside the churches of St. Barbara, St. Katherine and St. Peter. Privlaka is also known for its numerous wells. One of them is the Sokolar well, which has one of the most beautiful and saddest love legends that you can discover on your own!

Nowadays, the appeal of Privlaka lies in its exceptionally pleasant climate – in the summer temperatures do not exceed 27 degrees – its shallow beaches, medicinal mud and winds suitable for windsurfing. Although in close vicinity of Zadar, Privlaka has managed to preserve a dose of “privacy“, charm and a sandblasting ambience, and will be a wonderful host to you in the hot summer days.