Some 15 kilometers drive from Zadar, its center is an island with two bridges. The town is encircled with shallow sandy beaches, peloid medicinal mud and thalassotherapy resort.

Those coming for the first time to Nin and taking a tour from Upper to the Lower City Gate will have the impression of walking through history that was glorious and dynamic for the Town of Nin. Since the arrival of Liburnians in 9th century BC and in the period of Croatian rulers, Nin was capital and important political center governed from with state and it’s exactly here that the King Petar Krešimir IV declared the dominion over the Adriatic Sea. Greek Ainona then Latin Aeonona, during the history Nin successfully managed to retain the status of a free town enduring Venetian and Turkish devastations and destructions, upraising like phoenix, rebuilding ramparts and recovering again and again.

If you prefer quiet and calm summer nights, romantic dinners in fine Nin restaurants with a glimpse of magnificent history, then this is the right place for you. Lively, full of events but at the same time unpretentious, Nin is a place for a great vacation!