We rarely find ourselves in a situation where all of our senses are stimulated. Imagine a wonderful and unique nature, incredible scenery, completely clean air, homemade food and unforgettable rides. And if, on top of that, you learn something about the nature around you, you can say you had a successful day. This is, without exaggeration, the Velebit jeep safari. A one-day excursion in off-road vehicles in the company of expert guides through the Velebit nature park, the longest Croatian massif, one of UNESCO's protected biosphere reserves, down the winding Master’s Road and the Zrmanja River, is not something you should miss. The 8-hour adventure begins by driving through the karst landscape towards Velebit. On one side, you will see the Zadar Archipelago, and on the other, the Paklenica National Park. You will ride on the Master’s Road, which, after seven years of "breaking through" rocks, was finally opened for traffic in 1832 and, for the first time in history, it connected the north and south of Croatia with its 41-kilometer-long track. The excursion includes occasional stops for unavoidable photography and selfies, while gastronomic pleasure awaits you on one of the most beautiful stops. It is also necessary to bring swimming equipment since swimming in the Zrmanja canyon is an unforgettable experience.