You are into extreme sports and you simply adore the sea. You have sailed so you are familiar with being on the surface of the sea and it's only natural then to want to go a step further or, better said, to try out the extreme sport called kitesurfing. And you're absolutely right. Kitesurfing is a “water ride” on a board with a 10-square-meter kite used as a sail. The kite is attached to the surfer (kiter) via a trapeze and controlled via a control lever, which controls speed and direction. But we are wasting time explaining, kitesurfing is something you have to experience. For this dose of adrenaline you have to go to Ždrijac, near Nin, a beach perfect for this sport due to its position, shape and windiness. There you will be taught by some of the best kitesurfing coaches in Croatia.

If you are only accompanying your partner who wants to try out kitesurfing, you will not regret it. While your other half is “struggling” with a kite, you can enjoy this beautiful sandy beach near the walls of the old town of Nin.