And what about the idea of replacing one paradise with another? Do you not trust us? Ask anyone at the campsite, at the beach or simply google it! We are taking you to Sakarun, one of the most famous and most beautiful beaches in the world. A kilometer long sandy beach, surrounded by crystal clear and shallow waters will make you feel like you are in the cult movie The Blue Lagoon! We're not exaggerating! Deep green pine forests, glittering pebbles and turquoise sea that changes color depending on the sun's position create a tropical atmosphere. The shallow waters and the shade of pine trees make this beach ideal for a family outing with kids and non-swimmers who can carelessly play in the sand and the water while you revel in the beauty that surrounds you. We also took care of your lunch! All you have to do is jump into a boat that will take you to this paradise beach and return you to Arcadia!