You are not into extreme sports and you think that Arcadia has nothing to offer to you. You couldn’t be more wrong! We take you on completely a different path where you will experience gastronomic excitement. Besides the fact that the island of Pag is known for its delicious lamb, it also takes pride in excellent cheese and high-quality olive oil.

In search of such gourmet delights, it is best to join an organized excursion to the oldest olive grove on Pag as well as in the Mediterranean, the Lun olive grove, and the Gligora cheese factory. On the cheese and oil routes you will hear a lot about the island of Pag, its people and history, while the nature of this fifth largest Croatian island wish astonish you. You will pass through the historic olive grove in Lun, see the beauty of this small town, a heaven on earth and an oasis of peace, and try the yellow gold – olive oil. You will continue to Kolan to the Gligora cheese factory, taste the famous cheeses of Pag with a protected designation of origin and top it all with some firs-rate island wine. Cheers!