Novalja. Vineyards. Fields of herbs. Smell of the sea. Intense natural beauty. Boškinac Hotel. To hedonists and lovers of small and charming things that give life meaning, this is enough to make them rush to Pag. Boškinac is more than a hotel, it is a real gourmet destination. Your food will be prepared by the best chefs. Courses of autochthonous delicacies from Pag and top-quality Boškinac red wines are on the menu all day long. But this oasis won't be the only thing you will remember about the visit, although it would certainly suffice, but in between meals you will gladly visit the Museum of Salt and the Museum of Lace, Pag's trademark. This place presents tradition in a modern way. It is a stone jewel and it is of no wonder that a world famous chef such as Anthony Bourdain was awestruck by the magic of Boškinac. Follow in his footsteps, follow the scent of sage and the Mediterranean, come into the heart of primordial nature.